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Property Maintenance Services

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With inflation continuing strong within our communities everyday...

JvonConstruction is on a mission to help reduce costs for Property Maintenance Services.

Limited spots left, contact us today for availability

Guaranteed Service at an Affordable Price. 

To get started Call Us or Complete Our Contact Form (905) 706-5866 

Jvon services Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Condominium Corporations.

Jvon has 150+ professional staff members that have a minimum of 10 years experience within landscaping.

Jvon is not a franchise, we are a local company with multiple branches. 

Contact us today

How do I begin with Jvon ?

Contact us today with your property address.

Speak with a live Jvon representative to select the best option for your property.

Jvon will assist you in creating your Jvon account, and verify it. You account shall then be active.

Once your Jvon account is verified, you will then be able to begin using our services.

Townhouse Corporations

JVON services more than 150 condos, and town house properties.


JVON services more than 560 commercial properties.


Servicing more than 320 residential properties

On Demand Service

Complete our service request form today. JVON offers on demand Services. Click Here

My service date is Tuesday, and Jvon came on Monday why?

Jvon may attend your property a day earlier or a day later if we see there is lots of rain in the weather forecast or depending on scheduling. Jvon will always send you an email to inform you of any change. 

Does Jvon offer more low cost services aside from Lawn Cutting?

Yes! Simply contact our main office at (905) 706-5866 and a Jvon representative shall assist you. Jvon is proud to offer our services at a lower rate.

Can I change my service plan?

Yes! Contact our main office at (905) 706-5866 to add or delete services from your service plan anytime.

Does Jvon actually pay me for referring customers?

Yes! Jvon will pay you every year your referral remains as a Jvon customer. You will receive a commission that can be used towards your Jvon account if your a customer, or receive a payout once you have reached the threshold payout.

What Cities Does Jvon Operate In?

Brampton, ON                          Milton, ON  

Burlington, ON.                        North York, ON. 

Dundalk, ON.                            Shelburne, ON

Mississauga, ON.        Don't See Your City Listed? Call Us

Ready to begin with Jvon

Need Assistance? Contact us (905) 706-5866

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