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Landscape Services

JvonConstruction opened its landscaping division in 2004. Since then Jvon has, and continues to service more than 560 properties in all sectors.

Jvon is a full scale Property Maintenance firm that includes snow removal services. 

Jvon services Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Condominiums Corporations.

Rexdale Ontario Promotion Starting at $30.00 Per Week

Residential Only

Limited Time Only. Accepting 50 Properties. 

Promotion includes Lawn Cutting of Front & Rear, Edge Trimming, Power Blowing of Clippings. 

Please Call to Ensure Your Property Qualifies for Our Promo.


One Time Service Only, Click Here to Schedule Online With Jvon on Demand

Brief List of Landscape Services. 

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  • Garden restoration, removal or installation
  • Interlocking
  • Sod Installation
  • Installation of - Topsoil, Mulch, Triple Mix, River Rock, Pea Gravel
  • Lawn Cutting 
  • Shrub & Small tree planting
  • Snow Removal 
  • Ice Management
  • & More

JvonConstruction Group of Companies Service Areas include. Burlington, ON. Etobicoke, ON. Mississauga, ON. Oakville, ON. Rexdale, ON. and more.

So why hire JvonConstruction??

Client Focused

Having a successful project requires important communication from the client, and us at JvonConstruction for designing, budgeting, and from construction to completion. JvonConstruction takes the time to go through every phase of the project with you to ensure its built the way you imagined it.


At JvonConstruction we  keep our word as word of mouth is most valued in this industry, we will ensure what we say gets done unless there is an unforeseen circumstance that has risen. 


JvonConstruction does not cut any corners or rush any phase in any project to compromise the quality or strength of the structure or etc in the project. JvonConstruction's reputation is valued more than a few dollars.

Team Members

At JvonConstruction all team members are trained with the proper training to complete any services that we offer. Skilled team members have minimum 20 years of experience.


At JvonConstruction all of our equipment is either new or well maintained with our full time mechanic allowing us to have less to no down time to complete a project.

Time Completion

JvonConstruction keeps track of the dead line to ensure that all phases of the project is completed on time, and always checks twice so there is less chance for any delay as everyone says time equals money.

Call Us At (416) 985-6745